The General Registrar is responsible for registering qualified voters and maintaining accurate and current registration records for the county.  The General Registrar also implements Absentee Voting and oversees all elections within the county.

Ongoing Duties

Register Voters; process and enter  registrations, deletions, and changes into the Voter Registration System;  file Voter Registrations and other records; provide proof of registration; certify registration to other jurisdictions; maintain Street File (used for precinct assignment); ensure proper records are maintained; process written and telephone inquiries; verify Errors and Valid Transactions Reports returned by SBE; cancel out of state, felony, and mentally incompetent registrants; ensure all supplies and forms are in adequate supply and print what is needed; ensure files are current; dispose of files after expiration

Attend SBE training sessions; maintain current knowledge of election laws and proposed legislation and judicial review; network with other jurisdictions

Preparing for an Election

Advertise final day of registration; prepare news releases; provide contact with Polling locations; notify Machine Technicians; prepare, order and maintain control of ballots; order precinct supplies or print; order voting machine supplies; supervise absentee voting(mail request form, verify mail ballots, verify return, maintain security); ensure adequate officers of election are available; prepare precinct kits

Prepare instructions and assist Electoral Board with training; arrange and advertise Saturday in person absentee voting; ensure voting machines are programmed and tested; prepare Statement of Results forms for polls; maintain contact with Court Clerk for return of poll materials and election results

Maintain contact with news reporters; plan for Election Day (5am until); ensure poll sites are prepared for Election Day; maintain security of voting machine keys and equipment; prepare and distribute tally sheets

After an Election

Process voter credit by scanning poll books; verify results and transmit to SBE; account for all paper ballots; process changes of address, names, etc. received at polls on Election Day; verify Precinct Rosters against List of Those Who Voted and poll books; retrieve from Clerk all voter material not required to be maintained by the Clerk; verify files against Registered Voter List

*These tasks are required for each election and some are carried out from month to month.

Other duties

Prepare petition packages if requested; certify petitions; complete tasks required for Election Day; provide list of files to be destroyed; attend annual Voter Registrar Association meeting and training; submit budget request from Electoral Board

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