Inspection Requests: (804) 333-5460 (voice mail after business hours) or (804) 333-3415

To request inspection you must provide:

  1. Permit Number

  2. Owner's name & Contractor's name

  3. Location (physical address)

  4. Type of inspection to be performed

Inspections must be requested 24 hours in advance with the following exceptions:

  1. Footings

  2. Water and sewer lines

  3. Electrical upgrades

The above inspections may be scheduled on the same day that they are requested, provided the request is made by 10:00 a.m. 

Required Inspections

Footing: Required after trenches have been excavated, forms and grade stakes are in place, and before concrete is poured.

Slab: Required after fill, reinforcing and vapor barrier is in place and before concrete is poured.

Foundation: Required after foundation walls have been completed with anchor bolts and vents are in place.  The inside of the foundation must be graded and sod removed.  This inspection must be made before the sub-floor or floor sheathing is installed.

  • Basements: Additional inspection is required for drainage system and waterproofing.

  • Poured walls: Required after form work has been completed and reinforcing is in place, and before concrete is poured.

Framing: Required after all framing has been completed, doors and windows have been set, roof covering has been installed and before siding or exterior wall covering is installed.  Framing and Rough In inspections can be performed at the same time.

Electrical Rough In: Required after all wiring, boxes and draftstopping are installed and before  insulation or wall covering is applied.

Electrical Service: Required after meter base and panel box have been set, a circuit breaker with one GFCI receptacle has been installed, and  the system has been properly grounded.

Plumbing Rough In: Required after all drain, waste, vent and water distribution piping is installed and before insulation or wall covering is applied.  Drain, waste, vent shall be filled with water or provided with 5 psi of positive air pressure at the time of inspection.  Water piping shall be provided with air or water at the working pressure of the system or a minimum of 50 psi at the time of inspection.  Also, all draft or firestopping must be installed at this time.

Mechanical Rough In: Required after all duckwork, boots, returns, refrigerant and condensate lines have been installed.  Supply and return openings must be covered.  Also, all draft and firestopping must be installed at this time.

Gas Rough In (inside): Required after all inside gas piping has been installed, prior to setting appliances.  Positive air pressure (1/2 of the gauge) shall be used to test the piping.

Gas Rough In (outside): Required after all gas piping has been installed and tank has been set and before  trench is covered and regulator is installed.   Positive air pressure (1/2 of the gauge) shall be used to test the piping.

Gas Final:  Required after all appliances have been installed.

Fireplace Throat: Required on masonry fireplace after first flu liner is set.

Insulation: Required after insulation has been installed in areas that will be concealed, prior to final inspection.

Water and Sewer Lines (underground): Required before water and sewer (well and septic) lines are covered.

Final: Required after the building has been completed, the yard is graded and seeded and the building is ready to be occupied, and before moving in any furniture, etc. Sewage Disposal Operational Permit from the Richmond County Health Department is required before a final inspection will be scheduled.  The assigned address number must be displayed before the certificate of occupancy will be issued.

Certificate of Occupancy: A certificate of occupancy is issued once the final inspection is approved.  IT IS UNLAWFUL TO OCCUPY A DWELLING OR STRUCTURE PRIOR TO ISSUANCE OF A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY.


  1. This list of inspections is the minimum inspections required for a new one or two family dwelling.  Commercial projects or special conditions on residential projects may require inspections not on this list.
  2. Separate permits are required for plumbing, electrical, mechanical, and gas installations.
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