The Building Permit Process for a Single Family Dwelling

Please review all material and fill out the forms within the application packet.   Return the completed packet to the Building & Zoning Office.  All applications must include the following:

1.      Two sets of drawings which include: Wall/ Roof/ Foundation Plan/ Pier-Size-Location/ Truss System, Floor System, LVL Specs, Elevation Plans and Dimensioned Layout of all Rooms, Porches, Decks, etc.

2.      A site plan to include:  House location, driveway location, setbacks from all property lines, setback from river, lake, stream, etc (100 ft. min.), location of drainfield/septic tank/well, limits of clearing/ land-disturbance/ new lawn, and placement of control measures.

3.      A copy of Septic and/or Well Permit(s) issued by Health Department (Private System); or a copy of receipt for Water and/or Sewer Deposit Connection Fee(s) (Public System)

4.      A copy of Contractor’s License (If owner is builder; must sign Affidavit in office).

5.      A copy of the Plumber, Electrician, & Mechanical Contractors License and Master Tradesman Card (If owner is builder; must sign Affidavit in office).

6.      All building, zoning, and land-disturbance permit fees will be calculated and collected at this time.                                                                                                                                               

Once a completed application is submitted and permit/review fees have been paid, the application is first reviewed by the Zoning Administrator to ensure that the proposed project and use of the property is allowed by Richmond County’s Zoning Ordinance. At this time, it will be determined if the proposed project has applied for all of the required permits.

Upon the review and approval by the Zoning Administrator, the building and site plans will be reviewed simultaneously. The review process usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Zoning and Land-Disturbing Permits may be issued in advance of any Building Permits. Prior to issuance of a Building Permit for a single family dwelling and prior to commencing any land disturbance, the following must be completed:

(1)   Place a temporary toilet on site;

(2)   Place a dumpster on-site;

(3)   Install a stone construction entrance and/or other control measures per the E&SC agreement in coordination with the county E&SC inspector;

(4)   Schedule an initial E&SC inspection by a county official within 24 hours of implementing the initial controls.

After approval of the abovementioned items, the building permit may be released.  Please click here for a printer-friendly version of this process. 

For more information/assistance with the permit process and its associated fees, requirements, etc., please view Richmond County’s Permit Guidance document.  

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